Never saw it coming

Morning meditation

Man, you just never know when God’s going to show up. Weird saying that because God always goes before you and Jesus is in me and Holy Spirit is in me but there are just times when his presence is overwhelming.

I’m in week 4 of Heart Physics, a memory just popped in my head that I haven’t thought about in years. A very painful memory, it was during the final days of my first marriage. I don’t understand why this memory even came up. I have dealt with it many times. But there it was right at the forefront. I never saw it coming. The details aren’t necessary, it was just painful.

It is around minute 8 in week 4 and Dr. Jim Richards says. “With complete confidence Jesus says to you, I have always been with you, you have never been alone, I’ve loved you through everything, I’ve never been ashamed of you.”

You can’t make this stuff up, as soon as that statement was made, I got really warm, and the tears just started flowing. I was just overwhelmed with love and compassion. There was healing.

John 14.16 in my prayerful engagement with the father, he will give you another close companion to be with you – in such an intimate way that my immediate presence will continue to be inseparable one with you in timeless ages to come. The Mirror Bible

When you draw near to God. Something is going to change and it is not going to be Him.

Prince of Heaven

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