God is on display

Roman’s 3:22 Jesus is what God believes about you! In him the righteousness of God is on display in such a way that everyone may be equally persuaded about what God believes about them, regardless of who they are; there is no distinction.

Jesus is what God believes about you!!!

I am Jesus with skin on and because of that when people see me, I believe it will make it easier for them to believe. I certainly don’t want to make it harder.

I want people when they see me to want what I have.

That one person that is having a very bad day who is literally treating me like crap. My response to them needs to be in love. My response may very well dictate to them if they want what I have or prove to them that they don’t want what I have.

I would hate to find out down the road that the way I treated somebody caused them to turn away from God.

Be Jesus with skin on and everything else will fall into place.

2 thoughts on “God is on display

  1. This is life altering – attitude changing stuff. God’s presence is in these words today. I felt Him jump off my screen. Thank you, Kee.

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    1. Thank you! And to think, I wasn’t even planning on writing this morning.
      Comments like these make it all worth it!


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