The other little dog

A little story about another little dog from a few years back. A Rat Terrier named Duchess. I had a wrought iron fence in my back yard that was bent in one spot. This is where she would get out. Every morning I would let her out and she would go to the bathroom and then come back to the door and scratch to come in. One day I heard Holy Spirit say “you better fix that fence or the coyotes are going to get her” I said, “I will” (but I didn’t) Holy Spirit reminded me several times for the next three weeks. I kept saying (I will!) How many times to we tell Holy Spirit I WILL AND THEN WE DON’T DO IT! So one morning I let Duchess out and she didn’t didn’t come back as quick as she normally does and I could not wait, so I left. Later I called home and my wife said she had not come home yet and I got a really bad feeling in my stomach. That afternoon I was driving home and I see buzzards flying over my home …. Not a good feeling. I had a feeling she was out in the field behind my house. I put on my pants and went looking for her. I looked for about 10 minutes no luck. I prayed and asked the Lord “where is my dog?” I then felt that I need to turn left so I did …. I walked 10 feet and one buzzard flew up and there was my dog, one head and two front legs. I was heartbroken. I said, “Lord, I don’t understand why this happened, but I will stay praise you.” ………… So I just stood there with tears in my eyes and I hear “Son, your procrastination killed your dog” When I heard that I just broke, because I knew it was my fault. So here is the moral of the story and my devo this morning. Duchess was always safe around the family. She was always safe in the back yard. One day she was tempted to leave the back yard away from the safety of family and went off on her own. She got isolated and got picked off. She was all alone and that is what the enemy does to us. He tempts us by telling us lies to get us alone. You know what the lie is … rejection …… UN forgiveness ……..judgment …. Need I go on? I leave you with this. If you are meeting with men or women but you are lying to them when you meet. Then you are still isolating or posing or wearing a mask. Whatever you do stop it and get honest. The enemy will pick you off if you don’t. 
If you are not meeting with anyone ……. then start,  You can’t do life by yourself.  Your spouse does not count.  You need other men in your life to meet with or other women.

Hebrews 10:24-25
let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.NLT

Proverbs 27.17 As iron sharpens iron; so one man sharpens another


6 thoughts on “The other little dog

  1. Kevin,
    I’m sorry about your dog Duchess. Thanks for sharing the story though, it’s so true. The enemy wants us alone and vulnerable! That’s when he has the most influence over us.

    1 Peter 5:8 – Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devils prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.



  2. Good word Kee, I’m not sure where I got this but Bill Hybels has a list of 4 things every man needs – I’m sure women need these things too. 1. We need personal affirmation from a man. My take- am I an encourager of the men around me? You have what it takes – I saw what you did and I’m proud of you – well done – I’m sorry you are struggling …. 2. We need others in our lives to help us apply Gods word. 3. We need a safe place – James 5:16 4. We need strong relationships / someone you are real with – accountability . However Hybel does say not to over rate accountability. Kee, bottom line – I agree with you, don’t let yourself get isolated or if you see a friend getting isolated , come along side them and encourage them and help them to ask Daddy the questions to reveal their true identity. Blessings Today



  3. Kee,

    You bummed me out with that story. I’m glad you shared it though. I was posing about 2 years ago, be it self-pity, self-judgment, unforgiveness, none of that matters, but I wanted to be alone for that is my comfort zone away from accountability and the like. I could keep my heart safe so I wrote a letter to my Pastor and informed him I was just too much trouble for the church family and it was best if I didn’t come back anymore. He replied in kindness, but also shared a wise quote with me. I share this quote with you. It is because of this quote I now refer to my church family as my convoy.

    Be encouraged and let us love one another as Christ also loves us, in total surrender thereby becoming His prisoner. Prisoners have no rights, but as a prisoner of Christ we have mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, and acceptance.




  4. Thank you Kee………… Sorry that happened to your dog. Great message………..I really needed to hear that and reflect on my life………….I need to listen to what the holy spirit is saying to me (not worry about what people think) and more about what daddy is saying to me.

    blessings to you brother, John


  5. Kee,

    I am sorry about the loss of your Terrier. We have a Yorkie and I can relate to your circumstance. We have large owls in our neighborhood and our dog Dash on occasion and usually at night will not go outside. Thank you for sharing.

    On another note and regarding a book that I am writing – I would like to speak with you about your testimony and experience below. Please let me know if you be amenable to considering this request. If so when would be a good time to touch base?



  6. Great message kee everything you said is true we all need to get in a group with other brothers and be able to trust them & lean on them and pray for and let them pray for us!!!!!
    Blessings Brothers,



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