Tough guy Pt. 2

This is a partial repost from 2019.
I find myself many times a different person when behind the Wheel of my truck, hiding behind an email, phone, or maybe someone who does not know me.
This post was read by someone on Wednesday who follows me, and it showed up on my feed. I didn’t remember writing it. So I read it again and was shocked by what I wrote.
And then today happens.
I was at Lowe’s returning some material, and the cashier said I could not return it because it was 90 days old. The problem was I bought it last Friday. This upset me (I remember the tough guy post) she made me out to be a liar, I felt. I said your computer is wrong and she I scanned it and it says 90 days. I said I don’t care. I kept my cool. Your computer is wrong. I took my material back to my truck….. not happy. I found my receipt and went back inside. Made sure to keep my cool and be nice and made sure not to gloat. On the inside, I was like, “See, I told you I bought it Friday, and the receipt doesn’t lie.” I’m sure she was ready for me to have an attitude, but I did not.
When the Lord sees what you’ve done in secret, he will reward you in the open. I realized this is more about prayer than anything, but at the same time, I think it could reference character.
I just had a thought, I’m this tough guy when hiding behind the wheel of my truck or hiding behind a rude email.
99% of the time, the email has to do with bad customer service. I think maybe if I’m a jerk good enough, I’ll get my way. When the thought should be is my attitude or my tone reflecting who I am and who lives in me? The same goes with my driving. Nobody sees my attitude when it’s bad while I’m driving.
Nobody that’s in the Physical Realm.

Hebrews 12:14. Pursue peace with all men; true friendship can only be enjoyed in an environment of total forgiveness and innocence. This makes God visible in your life

I wonder if the thought process might go like this…….. I want my way. I don’t really care if the other person at the end of this email or phone call knows Jesus. I want my situation handled and handled correctly. If the other person on the other end of the email doesn’t come to know Jesus, but I get my way, then that’s what’s important. Most likely, I will never see them again or hear from them, so who cares.


This is as far from who I want to be as I can get. I really need to check my heart when I get into these situations.

When I act like that……. God might be living in me, but I am not projecting him outward. I am keeping him trapped so nobody can see him.
This is a perfect example of letting my outside circumstances dictate to my identity.

Just because I’m mad doesn’t mean I have to live mad

Starts and ends

2 thoughts on “Tough guy Pt. 2

  1. Good post.
    I wonder if we should have the same attitude towards the women we lust over who are his daughters.
    My arrogance makes me sick.

    Liked by 1 person

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