Are you at peace, so you can receive?

Jehovah-Shalom Philippians 4:7 7 And in this place of worship and gratitude you will witness how the peace of God within you echoes the awareness of your oneness in Christ Jesus beyond the reach of any thought that could possibly unsettle you. (uperecho) Just like the 1sentry guard secures a city, watching out in advance for the first signs of any possible threat, your hearts deepest feelings and the tranquility of your thoughts are fully guarded there. (This peace is not measured by external circumstances, it is residing deeply in the innermost parts of your being. We are not talking about a fragile sense of peace that can easily be disturbed; one that we have to fabricate ourselves; this is God’s peace; the peace that God himself enjoys!) The Mirror

It is very hard to receive and be in peace if you’re constantly focused on what you think is going to go wrong. You can’t hear the words being spoken that will strengthen your peace. Jesus needed his people to be at peace so they could receive what he was teaching them.

Remember what Jesus said, he told his disciples to not be troubled.

John 14:1 Set your troubled hearts at ease by letting your belief 1conclude in God as you rest your confidence in me. (The preposition 1eis, means a point reached in conclusion.) The Mirror

I wonder how many times we have been in trouble and because we were so anxious and so upset, we didn’t hear what the Lord was trying to tell us. Our attention was somewhere else

The word “sin” has a lot of different meanings. One of the words means “to hear amiss”. This means to hear it and not take it serious, not act on it, not be willing to hear it or to hear it and let it slip from us. You can be rest assured in your time of trouble God spoke to your heart providing answers and direction.

“Sin” it also means….. To miss the mark

It’s hard to be upset and angry if you’re always in a grateful state which also means most likely you’re going to be at peace.

Today focus on him and be at peace.

One thought on “Are you at peace, so you can receive?

  1. I choose to rejoice in the Lord always! It is amazing what a difference it makes when your attitude is gratitude. It actually changes circumstances!

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