Strongholds what if they’re not what you think?

3794 oxýrōma (from the root oxyroō, “fortify”) – a fortified, military stronghold; a strong-walled fortress (A-S), used only in 2 Cor 10:4. Here 3794/oxýrōma (“a heavily-fortified containment”) is used figuratively of a false argument in which a person seeks “shelter” (“a safe place”) to escape reality. Strongs

This is my opinion so take it or leave it it’s your choice. Here’s what I know Satan has been defeated. That doesn’t mean that his lies have been defeated. His lies are still out there floating around. We have the choice if we want to buy into the LIE. As far as strongholds go they’re not demonic it’s not what Paul says.

2 Corinthians 10.4-5 The dynamic of our strategy is revealed in God’s ability to disengage mindsets and perceptions that have held people captive in pseudo fortresses for centuries! 5 Every lofty idea and argument positioned against the knowledge of God is cast down and exposed to be a mere invention of our own imagination. We 1arrest every thought that could possibly trigger an opposing threat to our redeemed identity and innocence at spear point! The calibre of our weapon is empowered by the revelation of the ultimate consequence of the obedience of Christ. (The obedience of Christ dwarfs the effect of the disobedience of Adam into insignificance! See Romans 5:12-21. The word aichmalōtizō from aichme, spear and halosis, to capture, thus, to arrest at spear point.) The Mirror.

2 Corinthians 10:5 (TPT) 5 We can demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God and break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God. We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One.

Religion want you to believe that the strongholds are satan, however he is defeated! It’s religious interjection that ignores what the passage actually says.

The mind is a very powerful thing and it has been molded through years and years of circumstances, accidents, what you learned in school what you learned from your parents and the most deadliest of all the religion that you’ve been taught. I put no stock in religion.

I know some who read will disagree with me and that’s okay.

I love you and have a wonderful day. You can’t love without engaging.

Who will you engage with today?

One thought on “Strongholds what if they’re not what you think?

  1. Engage I will. I agree that strongholds are not demonic. Unfortunately they are walls we each build up and the longer we go without tearing them down the higher and stronger they get. The wall is built on sin and vows and judgments we make in response to the circumstances of a fallen world full of unredeemed people. Although we build our own stronghold it becomes reinforced by demonic influence and activity that want it to remain intact. So, part of the battle we fight is to recognize what front we are fight in, something demonic or something of my own making.

    I like TPT of verse 5 but the more traditional translation of the 2nd half of 5 really speaks to me: “I bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” EVERY thought! When we can do that and open our spiritual hears to hear DAD, then we wi begin to KNOW and TRUST that the war has already been won – some 2000 years ago on a cross and out of an empty tomb.


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