Who gets the credit

I have often wondered about the sin in my life and how I could speak to truth to other men while I myself am making bad choices.

It’s amazing that God can speak through me, and men can get free.

We all get the feeling at one time or another that we feel disqualified to speak truth to somebody else, while we are in the middle of sin ourselves

I have had this thought many times.

God, how are you gonna have me go on quest and serve these men when I myself am jacked up? There are parts of me where I’m not living in freedom.

Then the Lord says, “I am going to do amazing things through you, and you are not going to get to take any credit for it. The Glory will be all mine.”

I will get the glory.

Isaiah 42:8 (NETS) I am the Lord God; this is my name;my glory I will not give to another,nor my excellences to the graven images.

Live free. The Goodness of God

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