Holy Spirit, Silence, Holy Spirit

I have to say that sometimes I feel like my walk with Jesus is so hard.  I have realized, though, that I am the one that makes it that way.

I woke this morning Excited.   my first thought literally was what do you have for me this morning? My next thought was this.   I’m so excited to spend time with you.  I spent over 2 hours on the couch, listening, reading, and meditating.   It seemed that every part of my body had an itch . Whether it be an eyebrow or a nose, an ear, my elbow, whatever.  I could not stay focused.

Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of good words.  I watched a couple YouTube videos of testimonies. Then went back to reading and meditating.

I finally gave up. I walked down to my barn just to get out of the house.  When I opened the door to my barn, a huge drop of water hit me right behind my neck, and it was cold.

Immediately I hear.

“I have been here the whole time you just haven’t been listening.”

I seriously just  laughed out loud. I couldn’t believe it.  Of course, my next thought was OK. You have my attention. What did I miss?  Of course, I was met with silence, so I just smiled.

I made my coffee and then walked out onto the driveway and just kind of had a little conversation, and I hear Romans 15:4 Some scriptures I know this one I do not, so I had to go back and and look it up.

Romans 15.4 Whatever was written about him includes and represents us. We take instruction and encouragement from his patience, while Scripture is our close companion to remind us of our true spiritual identity. We anticipate the future with delight. The Mirror version.

I now feel after reading this passage very encouraged for the day and moving forward.

What a great morning!

Romans 15.7 This gives us all the more reason to embrace one another in friendship with the same warmth wherewith Christ embraced us into the welcome of God.

Glorious day by Passion

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