Meditation day 357

I have been doing some sort of meditation now consistently for almost a solid year

Most of the time it’s either heart physics or I listen to the lady on YouTube Called the Mindful Christian and here’s the link. Mindfulness meditation

In the beginning it wasn’t easy to just sit and be quiet and listen and breathe. Sometimes it’s still not easy to shut the mind off. That’s where the breathing and meditating on scripture comes into play.

I expect to hear from Holy Spirit every single morning I do this. it’s usually 20 to 30 minutes long.. I think sometimes my mind is so busy that I can’t hear what Holy Spirit is trying to say. I take comfort knowing that he is speaking.

I wanted to share with you what I heard this morning. Before I do I want to give you an idea of what I do besides listening. I have 4 scriptures that I personalize. Luke 4.18 – Romans 12.1-2. – 1st Peter 2.9 – Galatians 2.20 In my mind I say these passages at least once. They all start off with “My name is Kēvin and ……….

This morning as I’m quoting 1st Peter 2.9 As soon as I am finished saying I am a Holy Nation. before I go further I hear “and you are my son!”

It was clear as day. I remember thinking, did I really just hear that? This is only the 3rd time since I’ve been walking with the Lord the I feel like I heard the audible voice of God. That is over 20 years.

How many times does it happen that you have a thought that just comes out of left field? You never saw it coming in fact it interrupted you almost.

My meditation was over, I immediately opened my eyes. I felt refreshed and I felt loved at the same time. It’s hard to explain the feeling that I had going on inside.

Stand in your love

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