Guard your words and guard their heart.

Ephesians 4.31 Take up the strongest possible position against every form of distorted behavior in your own life. Do not allow yourself to be spiteful; outbursts of violent emotion and rage do not become you. You don’t have to shout in order to make your point. People must feel safe in your conversation; therefore, slander and hurtful words (blasphemy) are out! The Mirror

Many times when I read passages like this I have to remind myself to be on guard. It’s like a little love tap.

Almost like Holy Spirit is saying “hey there are things coming today be ready, don’t get angry, don’t have outburst with friends or family. They need to feel safe around you. They have to be able to come to you no matter what. They have to know that you’re not going to go ballistic on them when they tell you something.”

Maybe today have the mindset of, who can I give comfort to?

Ephesians 5.3 Love has nothing in common with lust, immoral acts, or greed. The absence of these motives even in the way you talk sets a standard of excellence.

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