9:2 ……………………….. Why was he born blind?”

John 9:3 Jesus answered emphatically, “His condition has absolutely nothing to do with any sins committed either by himself or his parents! Neither him nor his parents were guilty of sin, this is an opportunity for God’s action (in Christ) to be unveiled in him! (Jesus again disarms the Karma-principle that religion hinges on!) The Mirror Version

I think a lot of times we get stuck in the notion that maybe we did something and now I have all these bad things going on in my life. (Religion)

Maybe you’re just under a lot of pressure, work family or something else. Reading this scripture just made me think that everything going on is an opportunity for God’s glory to shine and I just have to rest in that.

I have to trust that is the bottom line.

So take heart and believe that whatever you’re going through today is an opportunity for God’s glory to shine.

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