I didn’t read in my Bible yesterday! Oh no!

John 8:31 Jesus then said to those Jews who were believing in him, “To take my word to its complete conclusion and then to abide in seamless union with its logic is to truly be my disciples. (Here he is not referring to some future “red-letter-edition Bible”; Jesus is speaking about the Logos defining his “I am-ness”, face to face with God before time was, then documented in prophetic language in ancient scripture and now unveiled in incarnate human form, as in a mirror.)

8:32 In this abiding you will fully know the truth about who you are and this knowing will be your freedom. The Mirror version

The last couple weeks have been really hard when it comes to walking out my relationship with the Lord. What I mean is, I have been extremely busy and having to leave my house at 6 in the morning. That has taking me out of my routine but that’s okay the scriptures above are just a reminder for me. Just because I miss some time in the word doesn’t disqualify me from having freedom. I know who I am, just like you know who you are.

We cannot have the mindset that if we miss our quiet time in the morning that our day or week is going to be bad. That is a lie.

That could be construed as having a Works mentality.

Be encouraged that if you miss a day or two spending time in the word it’s okay the only thing that changes is your own mindset because His does not.

This is my opinion, if you believe otherwise please comment. Otherwise have a Godfidence day!

One thought on “I didn’t read in my Bible yesterday! Oh no!

  1. Amen! Good reminder Kee, I sometimes fall into this trap as well. Our God is merciful and while He does want more time with us, He would never love us any less if we miss that time. I’m just thankful that I have a desire to spend time with Dad.


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