Whose side are you on?

John 9:4 We together must occupy ourselves to accomplish the work of him who sent me – you must take sides with me!

(The best texts read 1ἡμᾶς, us, instead of ἐμὲ, me. We cannot pull in two opposite directions in the same team! Grace and Karma do not go hand in hand!)

My thought process this morning after thinking about what I wrote yesterday is, I’ve been on the side of my emotions and not on the side of Jesus.

Emotions are good to an extent but sometimes they tend to get in the way of what the actual truth is. In the midst of being very emotional about something, I have to remember to ask Jesus, what is the truth right now about why I’m feeling this way.

The truth will unstick you. The truth will set you free but you have to seek it out

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