My experience at the entrepreneurial Think Tank

I now have vision

This is from my journal.

It is 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

I came to the think-tank with no expectations but to be expectant. I was not disappointed. I have actually been up since 3:30 this morning working on my plan thinking about and processing everything that went down over the last 2 days.

My mind has not stopped turning. My eggs got scrambled for sure. And that is definitely a good thing
One of the biggest things that God showed me is that I never asked my wife what she wanted to do. So last night I told her I was sorry for never asking and that I released her from the need of doing what I wanted to do and to do what God is telling her to do.
That is what Freedom looks like!

For me , I got Clarity on so many things. I have a new family.

When I did the exercise for The Wheel of Life from the seven steps of success I said that my dirt Road was kind of bumpy.

The prep work for me for this event was doing the four pillars of Mastery by Christian Simpson

This event was like a road grader that came right down the middle of the road and smoothed it out. We all know that when it rains on the road it will get ruts and pot holes again. The failures you may come across so to speak.
The difference now is I know when to call the road grader and that is once a month during The Mastermind the elite Mastermind!
I tip my hat to the whole team thank you so much
Meredith, John, Paull, Brian and Oli
Thank you Christian for having the vision!
I realized this morning that Meredith is the 80% of Christian and this whole event was a perfect model on what Christian teaches on the 80/20
I loved watching how you guys talked and fed off each other. Only Holy Spirit can can coordinate such a well-oiled machine.
There is greatness in each one of you! You guys were all amazing and you couldn’t even help it!

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