Matthew 5.8

Chapter 11 still. This has been a very good chapter. I talked about surrendering our opinion before you can see something another way. I am not speaking for everyone but a lot of us will hold on to our point of view. I think we could call that pride, don’t you think. We want to be RIGHT! We have invested a lot emotionally and repenting means admitting that we were wrong. Quote: We say we want to see the truth, but we are not willing to suffer the risk of being wrong. Now we have an irreconcilable difference. At this point, a revelation from God will have no effect on us. (I love this part) A revelation from God is not necessarily Him showing us something new, a revelation is simply what we see when we are flexible enough to change our mental/ emotional position about an issue and look at it from a different point of view. God doesn’t show us something He previously kept hidden; we see something He wanted to show us all along.

Matthew 5:8
blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God.NKJV Keep your heart pure from Judgment and you will see the Lord……. That is an awesome thing


Let go of your predetermined ideas and you may see a lot of hurtfull events differently.

Remember, this is only how I see it, I must see it from another position to overcome this offense



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