Where I am at

You have a choice


There is a truth that we seek.

Without this truth we become weak.

There is a road we must all travel.

It is with Jesus or our lives will unravel.


Think of the Holy One

And the road He took.

The price He gave.

So He could rise from the grave.


He ascended to the Heavens

On that special day

Forever to be by His Fathers side

So He can spread His love worldwide.


Do you have His love in your heart?

Or does your life feel torn apart?

Do you walk with an Angel?

Or has your life become tangled?


He wants you to follow Him

He forgives you of your sin.

Even when you walk at night,

His light shines bright.


You have a choice when you live

Should you be into yourself,

Or should you give?

If you do not give, you will have no wealth.


Walking with Jesus is the way.

Speak to Him when you pray.

Thank you Lord for Your grace.

Then one day I will see Your face.


What a special day that will be,

Just think You were once a stranger to me.

I was never a strange to You

Your love was/is always true.


By kevin gwyn

Copyright © June, 1st. 2003

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