The Critical Eye

The Critical Eye………..  How I see you is a reflection of how I see me.

Proverbs 26:17

You grab a mad dog by the ears when you butt into a quarrel that’s none of your business. The Message

I was going back through some writings this morning when I came across this.  As I prepare to go on Quest next week I have to be conscious of this.  The Critical eye that sometimes surfaces with me.

I don’t find myself as critical as I used to be. What I am talking about is referring to our need to find fault in others or to point out their shortcomings.  You know ………. throwing stones. 


Nugget:  Just because we see the need in another person does not mean we have the right to invade the individual’s life.  Our first goal should be to love the person and make him or her feel safe while owning his problem.  If people do not feel safe with their problem, they will feel they have to cover it up.  They will not respond positively to our inquisition (on quest this is where we say you have to love them right where they are) we actually force people in to denial by our rejection and condemnation.  Quote from the book  “How to stop the Pain”


Nugget:  Just when I think I am getting better I read this.  When I am delivered from a critical eye, I will see people as God see them.  I will always know the Spirit of God can work in them to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle.  You see, our confidence in people is directly related to our confidence in God.  When we see the best in them, they will see, believe, and live the best God has to offer.  Quote from the book


Thanks Kevin

8 thoughts on “The Critical Eye

  1. Thanks for sharing Kee, there’s a lot of meat on that bone!!! LOVE! It’s a perspective thing – Is it possible that God trusts us with “eyes to see” (or discernment) not to try to fix them, but as insight on how to pray for them? 1 Cor 3:9 says for we are co-laborers with Christ… One word from God changes everything.
    Love covers, protects, and never fails.

    Of course being obedient trumps all, and if He says to engage we then ask Him when and how, then obey – knowing He’ll take care of it.
    Thanks Kee, good stuff to start out the week meditating on…
    Looking forward to see y’all tomorrow.
    In Him, and all in!


  2. Hi Kevin- thanks for sharing. Who's the author of this book titled “How to stop the Pain”? I'd like to read it. Sounds like a good one.


  3. Right on target for me today. My day started out with being critical of myself. As I drove to a friend’s collision repair shop I was reminded by a comment on the radio I heard that God loves us without the “If…” clause. He loves us “BECAUSE” of Jesus, not “IF” we perform or do something the right or correct way. Then I began to weep that I don’t show others the compassion that I so often go to Jesus for myself. I take that compassion and mercy and acceptance and forgiveness, but I don’t easily give it, unless of course I am having a great day being led of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for sharing this, as it is right along the lines of what I have been getting from the Holy Spirit so far this morning and day.

    Love you my brother,



  4. This is good stuff Brother. Thanks for sharing! I am often critical. Of others as well as myself. Hits home.



  5. Kee, Thanks for this timely word. I don't know how many times I criticize others for doing something (not to their face, but like when I am driving) and God reminds me, “Chris, you did that same thing last week – why is it okay for you and not them???” I have a saying on my wall at work that I call ThiNK before your speak. The T is for “is what you are going to say to someone True?”; the N is for “If it is True, is it Necessary that you tell them?”; and the K is for “If it is True and is Necessary to tell them, then do it in Kindness”. Helps me a lot at work, maybe I need to paste it on my sunvisor in my car! 🙂 Have a blessed day and I will pray for you and the others as your head out to meet Daddy next week.



  6. Kee,

    Thanks or that, as me and a few other questers prepare our battle to help men find freedom this weekend that message could have not come at a better time. I will be praying for you and the men going on quest next week!

    In His Grip!


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