Are you an armchair quarterback?

James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”ESV

James 4:6 His gift of grace is in direct opposition to the vanity of The Proud mindset of self effort, whereby people strive to prove themselves as Superior to others! Gift and reward are opposites! Humility attracts Grace. The Mirror.

This is so good humility attracts Grace. I heard it said yesterday that humility is not weakness. I wonder how many times we do think though that being humble is weak?

I can’t help but Wonder how hard it is to be humble when you think your way it’s better?

I think it’s one thing to always be looking for a better way to do something. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the way it’s being done now, but you just think it could be done better. Kind of like watching an NFL football game and the coach calls what he believes is the right play. But to us, we truly believe that if he would have called this play. Then we would have won the game.

Yesterday I’m just sitting in my office chair thinking about this. When it dawned on me that I am an armchair quarterback when it comes to many areas of my life. Whether it be in Ministry or somebody’s business or somebody’s marriage, I know a better way to do it. What I realized is I really don’t know a better way, I just have a different opinion. I wonder if just keeping my mouth shut is walking in humility? I think so. It’s the principle of hold. What do you do when you’re walking in the principle of hold? You are asking Holy Spirit.

It comes back to this simple phrase are you listening or are you just waiting to talk?

One thought on “Are you an armchair quarterback?

  1. So good brother. Been working on my “hold”. It is perfectly placed every time and I am humbled in a perfect way. My wife and I have a ministry at our house every Thursday to help families that are hurt or burned by church and want to be the Church. We see so much in so many but this “hold” is so critical so God can do His perfect work. I’ll never forget the time I served at Quest and Ron “fired” me because I was correct in the word but if he had let me minister it would have been the wrong time.. he looked at me and said “Good job but it would have been the wrong time for that word so your fired.” Lol I love what God is doing to teach us and equip us through you guys. Thank you for your humble Jesus name


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