Just how God works

This is more of a little testimony instead of a devotion. Monday I begin reading in 2nd Timothy Chpt 2. For the last 6 months I’ve basically been reading about one to two chapters a day in order in the New Testament. I am always moved when I get the right word at the right time when I’m reading

2nd Timothy 2:25 your gentle way of instructing those who oppose you will inevitably lead them to see what God believes concerning them and give them the best possible chance to acknowledge the truth. 26 and so they will escape the intoxicating influence of the Fallen mindset and the enslaving dictates of the devil.

For obvious reasons this is what I wrote about Monday verse 2.25. For me it was just some good instruction and a great reminder. Later on that day I discovered a struggle that I’ve been having with not being felt valued. I had some phone conversations and I worked through it. Then Tuesday comes around and when I opened up my tablet it opened up to 2nd Timothy 2.21. I had totally forgotten where I was the day before. I just figured I was taking off where I stopped reading the day before. Verse 2.21 absolutely spoke to me about what I was feeling the day before. About not feeling valued.

2nd Timothy 2:21 realize your individual value and stop discrediting yourself! You are indispensable for your Masters use; he knows exactly what he has in you; be ready for any good work!

This is a perfect example of why it is called

The Living Word of God

I read verse 21 on Monday and it absolutely didn’t speak to me about anything. I discovered I had an issue, I had phone conversations, I worked through it. And then Tuesday morning I get verse 21, it’s the very first thing I read it’s the only thing I read and it just rocked me.

Here’s the kicker God knew exactly what was going to be going on in my life six months ago when I started reading the New Testament in order knowing that I was going to need verse 2.21 on Tuesday 6 months ago.

Thank you Lord for speaking life to me at exactly the moment I needed it.

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