1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Well there you have it; this scripture is pretty clear. So why are you still carrying unforgiveness?

Romans 12:10 take tender care of one another with fondness and affection, esteem one another’s unique value. The Mirror

It’s rather difficult to esteem one person’s value when you can’t stand them, or you have unforgiveness towards them.

Romans 12:13 Purpose with resolve to treat strangers as Saints, pursue an embrace them with fondness as friends on equal terms of Fellowship. Make yourself useful in the most practical way possible. 14
Continue to speak well even if someone wants to take advantage of you. Bless and do not blame when you feel exploited. The Mirror

Take the word strangers and replace it with the person you have unforgiveness with.

You might not even realize it, but you are consumed by your unforgiveness and your bitterness. This person has hurt you, maybe this person stole from you. Maybe you even have feelings that this person is trying to tear your life apart. Maybe they are.

What would happen if you forgave this person? I would tell you. No more lying in bed at night awake thinking about this person and what they’re doing or what they’re going to do. You would have peace in your heart. Your life would be better, your family situation would be better.

The best part though is your communication with your heavenly father. This would be back to where it’s supposed to be. You would no longer feel separated from him. You would see this other person the way God sees them and not through the hatred and bitterness that has clouded your heart.

Forgiveness is giving that person something that is dear to your heart.

It could be a job, money, a smile or maybe give that person a car. That’s what the Lord had me do with a person once. I had a 1972 Nova and the Lord told me to give that car to the man that my ex-wife married. He actually wanted to buy it from me, but I gave it to him.

If this person you need to forgive is deceased. Then what you get is peace in your own heart. Because forgiveness, it’s about you and not about the person you’re forgiving.

When you forgive, things happen in the spiritual Realm that you have no control over. This is a great and fantastic gift.

Romans 12:17 two wrongs do not make a right never retaliate, instead, cultivate the attitude to anticipate only Beauty and value in every person you encounter. 18 you have within you what it takes to be everyone’s friend, regardless of how they treat you. The Mirror.

What are you going to do?

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