Calloused Heart

Romans 2:5-6 and 8 a calloused heart that resists change accumulates cause to self-destruction, while God’s righteous judgement is revealed in broad daylight (the gospel openly declares that God declared mankind innocent)

6 By resisting him you are on your own. Your own deeds will judge you.
(Rejecting his goodness keeps you snared in a lifestyle ruled by sin Consciousness and condemnation) The Mirror

8 yet there are those who ignore the truth through unbelief (the truth about their original identity as Sons) they continue to exist as mere hirelings, motivated by a monthly wage (rather than sonship) they believe in their failure and unrighteousness and are consumed by Outburst of anger and displeasure. The Mirror

This is not who you are, I would ask you, are there areas in your life that you have allowed your heart to get hard? You go to church, you pray, you feel that you do everything right and for the most part you are nice to people. But there’s that one area in your heart, that one person that you refuse to forgive. This person you have not forgiven yet is really weighing on your heart big-time. You know deep down you need to forgive this person, but you feel that they owe you. Guess what they don’t owe you squat. This is not about them, this is only about you.  Here’s how I know it’s about you. What if this person that owes you, has passed away?  They certainly can’t pay you back anything, they can’t say I’m sorry from the grave.

Here is a sure sign that you are still walking in unforgiveness. You refer to this person by a different name in conversation other than what they go by.  Ring a bell?

Hebrews 3:13 but exhort one another daily, while it is called “today,” lest any of you be hardened to the deceitfulness of sin. ESV

Hebrews 3:13 instead, remind one another daily of your true identity, make today count! Do not allow callousness of heart to cheat any of you for even a single day of your allotted portion. The Mirror

Take the time right now and ask Holy Spirit, who is that person? It could be from last week or from 30 years ago. ASK Him right now.

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