Radical mind shift

This passage shall be an eye-opener for everyone.

Romans 2:1 I presumed knowledge of that which is right or wrong does not qualify you to judge anyone; especially if you do exactly the same stuff you notice other people do wrong. You effectively condemn yourself. No one is another person’s judge. 2 God must judge all transgression, but you’re judging others does not make them any guiltier. 3 God is completely impartial in his judgment. You’re not scoring any points are disguising your own sins by telling on others.

When I read these passages it really puts everything in perspective. This isn’t the first time I’ve said that I personally have struggled with judging. (not like I used too) Here’s an example that I think most of us could relate to.  do you ever get mad at somebody on the road at something that they have done?  But yet you turn around and do the exact same thing to somebody else?

Life is so much easier when you just look at people the way God looks at them and don’t pass judgment. You don’t concern yourself with the way they dress. You don’t concern yourself with the way that you look. You don’t concern yourself with the way they do their hair.

You don’t know their story and frankly it’s none of your business to know their story. Unless of course they tell you their story and then you get to practice listening!

Romans 2:4 do not underestimate God’s kindness. The wealth of his benevolence and his Resolute refusal to let go of us is because he continues to hear the echo of his likeness in US! That’s his patient passion is to Shepherd everyone into a radical mind shift.  The Mirror Bible

I love that. Be prepared today for a radical mind shift. See yourself the way God sees you and see other people the way God sees them.

Walk in Freedom knowing that when you see somebody today, God loves them exactly the way they are and so can you.

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