The Goodness of God

Every issue you face is already assigned an outcome that God wants to generate.  There is a victory in every situation that I face, and I must seek it out and own it.
2nd Corinthians 2:14 But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.
 May 16th I spoke about judging God. About when I was asked to speak at a leads luncheon on May 26th.  I figured out Saturday driving to Amarillo that was God’s way of letting me down easy.  It is such an honor to speak at one of these events it would have been very upsetting if I would have had to cancel because of the funeral.   (Just knowing how I am) we chose to drive down Saturday morning and I would have had to cancel anyway.
God knows what we need before we even know it. May 26th, we buried our Aunt Claudia in Amarillo.  It was a sad day, but it was also a day of Celebration. A day that brought family together. 
It was a day of family.
The event organizer who contacted me and asked me to reschedule had no idea of the bigger picture. (The bigger picture was Claudia.)  Had she not listened and rescheduled me for another time.   I would have had to call her Wednesday and reschedule myself.   I was going to have to cancel because of the funeral.  
The funeral for me ended up being a huge family reunion and we had not been together like that in years and I didn’t even realize it until today that my judgment has kept me separated from my family and I got healing over the weekend. I got healing when I didn’t even know I needed it. I didn’t even want to go to this funeral because I was too busy. I’m so glad I went. The Lord showed me what I needed, and I didn’t even know I needed it.
You always hear the phone works both ways.   I am not going to call them!   They never call me!   You know what …….   That is just a bunch of ………..     Holy Spirit showed me that if everyone picked up the phone and called.   Then no one would be able to say, “the phone works both ways.”   You can’t make the other person call be you.  You cannot let their actions keep you from calling them.
That is the Goodness of God.   You can call, and they may hang up or they may curse at you, or be tickled that you called.  It does not matter the reason, because the Goodness of God will prevail it always does and that is what I saw this weekend.
The Goodness of God.
don’t let the enemy whisper to you and tell you who you are not.

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