Are you in Awe?

Many times when I wake in the morning I wonder. Is this going to be one of those days where I read and I don’t get anything or is God going to give me something to chew on? (most of the time when I don’t get anything it is my heart that is not listening)  I read a devotion this morning called Evil and Awe.  It’s out of the one-year devotion called Worship the king. I actually have three devotionals that I kind of go back and forth on. I have not read in this one in several weeks but felt led to go there today.
Consider then and realize how evil and bitter it is for you when you forsake the Lord your God and have no awe of Me. Jeremiah 2:19
It is a tough pill to swallow when I hear the Lord say, “that is a lot of what is going on with you. You are not in awe of me.” When I heard that statement I just kind of sat there and it made me sad. Because reality is if I sit around long enough and really think about it God is amazing. He’s all around. I mean to even think about there are a hundred million galaxies. I can’t even wrap my head around that. Even the simplest things like when you’re looking for something and you can’t find it. And then you stop for a moment and ask Holy Spirit where it is. And then you miraculously find it suddenly. Do we sometimes take those instances for granted? How are people going to be in awe of a God they can’t see, if you’re not walking around as Jesus with skin on. You may be the only representation of God somebody may ever see?
I think it’s easy to be in awe when it’s obvious but what about when it’s not?
I will leave you with this. When you get so self-absorbed with yourself in your own greatness. It makes it very difficult to be in awe of the one who saves.
Be blessed today and look for his greatness in everything. There’s greatness when you’re walking across the parking lot and you see a penny. For me the penny says “trust me” I always leave the penny laying there and I always give thanks because that’s God’s way of reminding me to trust him. So, I can always say for myself when I see that penny that I’m in awe that he put it there just for me and it stayed there.   No telling how many times people walked by it.
In God we trust.

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