Jesus bumper sticker

I remember once driving around with some type of Jesus sticker on my truck.  It was back in 2000.  I will never forget what happened.  I cut someone off (not meaning to) and he pulled up beside me and yelled Nice Jesus sticker and then he flipped me off.  I got home and took that sticker off because of the shame I brought Jesus.  I don’t drive around with anything like that on my truck for that reason.  Isn’t that the wrong thinking though?  Shouldn’t I drive around with it on there and be proud of who I am?
Maybe I leave it off so I can be that jerk without bringing shame to Jesus in the public view.

I wonder how / we would act if we had to wear a shirt that said, “I love Jesus and walk with Him everyday?”


I am crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me ……………

6 thoughts on “Jesus bumper sticker

  1. It certainly gives us some wiggle room to not wear the shirt or have the bumper sticker…there isn't that accountability. On the other hand, people expect perfection when they see us donning such things. We aren't perfect, just forgiven. I like those words on a bumper sticker much better! They will know we are Christians by our LOVE, not just our shirts or bumper stickers.



  2. I do not have a Jesus sticker on my truck, and for the same kind of reasons. 1 it gives me permission to occasionally drive like a moron with no reflection on Christ, and 2, if in the occasion I do drive like an idiot, if I happen to get a case of road rage, it really doesn't reflect on Christ. On the other hand, as I am writing this, I AM thinking I should put one on the truck, I am proud to be a Christian, and it would (temporarily) make me reconsider any aggressive driving I may be doing. If everything I did was seen by others as a direct reflection of Christ, I'd be a different man, the old man inside would have to yield to who I am supposed to be. Hmmmm…



  3. Hey Kee! Been a ling time buddy. For me, I see the hypocrisy in my marriage and as of late, my mouth. Good point! Got me thinking.


  4. I think you leave the sticker, and do the best you can to live a clean and holy life and when you mess up repent and don’t worry about bringing shame to Jesus he can handle anything you can screw up. As for the guy who gave you his IQ he probably just left a bible study and is angry at the world and Jesus. Anyone that has ever served God knows we will occasionally miss the mark, anyone that cares to judge me while I am a squid head or difficult day syndrome needs to work out his own salvation, I know your heart and your driving ability has really not much to do with your heart towards Christ. Anyone that associates Jesus sticker with perfection is lost like a goose in a snow storm or as messed up as a termite in a yo yo . You’re his gift to the lost so next time that happens do the universal sign language shrug your shoulders and give them the heck I am sorry about that. I think you need to get a decal back on that car and listen to Jesus not the condemning faith stopping self- righteous demon spirit. He loves you and so do I. Lord blesss



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