You who you say you are?

You are armed with the knowledge that you can be free and choose not to live it. DT

20 “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.
So you can read this and interpret this any way you want.  Today I submit this.  If you are crucified with Christ and He lives in you then who are you?  You are nice to people at church, but an jerk to your spouse?  Let say you own a business, do you treat your employees’ the way you want to be treated? 
Do you choose where you want to be crucified with Christ?  Think about this for a moment.  If I asked your employees, your spouse or the people you do business with if you were different than whom you say you are,   what would they say?    I have to be on guard all the time.    We are constantly given opportunities to either be Jesus with skin on or to be the person who says he is Jesus with skin on but acts contrary to what he says.
One more example:  the easiest place to be the jerk is with people who don’t know who you are.  How many times have you been a jerk to someone because you knew they did not know you walk with Jesus? 
I have that hat and shirt…….. been there and I am embarrassed to say that,  but it is true.  Lord please forgive me
Be blessed today!

5 thoughts on “You who you say you are?

  1. Kee,
    Just as with finding the magical pill for losing weight and exercising, I wish there was a pill that would make me like Christ all the time! However, I know that it is me that has to do something to make either come about. I too am careless with those that don't know me. The person in front of me that doesn't know how to drive “as well as I do” gets a tongue lashing from me or even an evil look as I pass them. I am a little more careful if I am headed to church with my deacon jacket and badge hanging in the back window where it may be someone that is also going to Gateway that day that I glare at, but I am still so very guilty of this sin. I even struggle with my thoughts in this area and I usually realize that I am deteriorating in this fashion when I am not spending time with Him in the mornings. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for sharing these thoughts with us. May you be blessed this week!



  2. I have fell off that wagon a bit. Isolation is very easy and comfortable. It is easy for me to be too busy to make time. What's worse is when i don't want to hear the whining of others because i have judged their issues to not be important.
    It is hard to ignore the prompting that the Holy Spirit places on you when you know you need them and they need you.
    It is also hard when things have happened in your brothers lives and you weren't there for them.
    Kevin D


  3. I meet every 2 weeks with 3 other men and have been for several years. Two of us are warriors and we are working on the other two. These guys know everything about me, good or bad. We followed “band of brothers” guidelines, for the most part.

    I'm planning a new mens group, to meet every other week if anyone is interested. Nothing carved in stone yet.



  4. Great word for me today brother. I am convicted, I am wearing that hat and shirt myself, both at home and at work. Father please forgive me, I have been posing. I repent and ask you to give me strength to be like you (in me) each and every day. Amen



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