Yep you read that right WIJD.  It is not a typo you probably thought WWJD which everybody knows is “what would Jesus do?” My devotion this morning was WIJD which means what is Jesus doing.

 It’s an interesting perspective when you get yourself into a situation, and you think what would Jesus do? Then you pause for a minute and think what is Jesus doing? It changes everything to a deeper level of understanding. What is the bigger picture? Instead of wondering should I react the way Jesus reacts or looking at the situation and ask Holy Spirit what is Jesus doing here?

Today I will look at situations and ask myself what is Jesus doing?  It is a matter of watching and listening.

Col. 3:1 See yourselves co-raised with Christ! Now ponder with persuasion the consequence of your co-inclusion in him. Relocate yourselves mentally! Engage your thoughts with throne room realities where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand. The Mirror.

This paragraph is from my devotion this morning. Do you see Jesus as your example or as your life? He is both, but asking the question is more than a matter of simple semantics. It will profoundly affect how we approach every day, every decision, every act of character or impulse of the heart. If we see ourselves as imitators of the divine Example, we will find ourselves failing often and growing ever more frustrated with our inability to live as He did. But if we see ourselves as vessels in which the Spirit of the living God dwells, we’re inclined not to try harder but to trust more. So, what would Jesus do? We should ask this; He is the way. What would He think? We should also ask this; He is the truth. And what is He doing? We should especially ask this; He is the life. No one comes to the Father except by Him. Not just by His example, but by His life. He indwells us to take us where we should go and lead us away from where we’ve been. It’s an amazing thought: We live by means of a living Lord.  From Worship the King Devotional

 5:1 Mirror God; you are his offspring. (2 Cor 3:18.) 5:2 This is how: let the love of Christ be your life; remember how he abandoned himself to us. His love is contagious, not reluctant but extravagant. Sacrificial love pleases God like the sweet aroma of worship. (Resembling the holy anointing oil and the pure fragrant incense of spices, the work of a perfumer, to be burnt on the golden altar of incense in the inner court of the tent of meeting. [Ex 37:25-29]) The Mirror

What is Jesus doing?

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