From my devotion this morning “there are times in our lives when God’s presence is an uncomfortable reality those independent times when we don’t necessarily want him to be watching us. But most of the time, we need to know he’s there. We struggle with anxiety, fear, and certainty, loneliness, and discouragement. When we do, we don’t only want to know that he is observing, we also want to know that he is intensely involved.”
I don’t want to feel like God is around (omnipresence) because that is what the Bible says. I want to know deep down in my heart that He is there. I believe for myself for the most part that He is, but I would be lying if I said there are times that I don’t think he is.  Or better yet there are times that I don’t want him around me. Maybe because I got it figured out and I don’t need his help. I try to really avoid that last reality of trying to figure it out. It just doesn’t work very well for me.
Colossians 3.3 Your Union with his death broke the association with that world; see yourselves located in a fortress where your life is hidden with Christ in God.
I read this scripture it makes me wonder and it makes me think what does it really look like to be located in that Fortress where your life is hidden with Christ? What does that look like? Is that daily renewal of your mind? Daily prayer…… you know……..  praying without ceasing.
When I continue reading more Colossians I get to verse 8 and it gives the answers to questions that I just asked.
Col 3.8 but now, because you realize that you co-died and were co-raised together with Christ, you can flush your thoughts with truth! Permanently put these things behind you. Things such as violent Outburst of Rage, depression, all manner of wickedness, slander, and every form of a regular conversation.
So, believe. Believe in Who You Are especially when you look in the mirror. Renew your mind daily
Romans 12:2 Do not allow current religious tradition to mold you into its pattern of reasoning. Like an inspired artist, give attention to the detail of God’s desire to find expression in you. Become acquainted with perfection. To accommodate yourself to the delight and good pleasure of him will transform your thoughts afresh from within.

 Just my thoughts
Have a Godfidence day!  

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