Ice road truckers

So, I’ve been thinking this morning about the road of depravity. If you think about the road of depravity like the road up in Alaska that the Ice Road Truckers drive on it’s a very slippery slope and there is no room for error. On this road you must be very careful. You have to drive down to very center of the road.  For myself if I was driving 80000 pounds down a sheet of ice I would have to totally rely on the Lord and the skills that he has taught me to navigate. There is absolutely no room for error.  the moment I decide to navigate my own way instead of relying on him is when the trouble begins.  When I start to veer off center I have two choices I can rely on Holy Spirit or I can put my confidence in my flesh that I can get back to Center. My Flesh says adjust quickly and jerk your steering wheel back over to Center.  If I do that, I’m probably going to slide off the road.   The other CHOICE is I can rely on Holy Spirit who says don’t get in a hurry slow down follow me and get back to Center. I had a friend one time tell me don’t get ahead of the one who leads.  For me I think many times I get ahead of the one who leads instead of just resting and listening. Everything today is so fast-paced and the I want it now mentality.
So how is your driving?
Phi. 3:2 Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly realm. THE MIRROR
Phi 3.3 For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh ESV
Phi. 3:5 Consider the members of your body as dead and buried towards everything related to the porn industry, sensual uncleanness, longing for forbidden things, lust and greed, which are just another form of idol worship. (Idol worship is worshipping a distorted image of yourself!) 3:6 These distorted expressions are in total contradiction to God’s design and desire for your life. 

I know some of you have the instincts to drive on Ice so it is just an analogy it is just where He took me this morning.

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