Scandal of Grace

The praise and worship band Hillsong wrote a song called the Scandal of Grace. The Scandal of Grace,  you died in my place so my soul will live. 
I thought that was a weird name. I didn’t get it. But this morning as I’m reading I get to Philippians.  
 Philippians 2.4  to discover your own completeness in Christ frees you to turn your attention away from yourself to others.  
I am not sure where Todd White came up with the quote “I’m so free from me I’m free from you”  but it might have to do with this scripture.

You know what Jesus did it’s not normal to come to the Earth and live as a man.

To die or be crucified by the hands of the people he created that just messes with me.
Think about this for a moment. We get our little feelings hurt somebody said something somebody did something that really hurt us or we choose to be offended. But then Jesus puts himself up on the cross and tells  the thief next to him you will be with me in Paradise.   that’s just not normal. That is scandalous.   He knows he’s going to die and the guy next to him who stole and lied and probably killed people ……. Jesus is not offended and invites him to the kingdom.  No ….. he tells him you will be with me in Paradise.
That makes all of my whining about being offended or being angry just really petty and a total waste of time and energy
Quote from “unoffendable”  the point is freedom – freedom to love. Freedom to have God-given site, the ability to look at that highly offensive someone and see what is not yet, as though it were.
Jesus says love your enemies love your neighbor. Love your neighbor more than yourself the world looks at us and they see a peculiar people.
1 Peter 2.9  but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation A peculiar people that you should show forth the manliness  of him who called you out of the darkness and Into His Marvelous Light. 

Jesus had one kind of lens that he saw life through and it is the lens of love. But we as a people we choose what lenses we want to see people through how many lenses do you have?

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