Listen and then obey (Brandy)

I have a little story about an obedience I want to share because I almost chose to walk in disobedience. I went out to visit a customer Thursday morning about a job and she’s a repeat customer. I have a good relationship with her and her husband. We discussed the bathroom remodel that I’m going to bid on I don’t remember what I said. But it triggered her to tell me that she thought she had cancer and they found out that it was her thyroid gland. We visited some more about her condition and the job and then I left. I’m driving down the road thinking that I’m going to send her a text message that I was going to pray for her healing as I was typing it out, I heard Holy Spirit say turn around and go back to her house and pray for her. I was already 10 minutes down the road and I thought to myself I don’t want to. I have things to do today. I heard Holy Spirit say again go back and pray for her. I turned my truck around and I went back to the house. As I was driving back to the house Holy Spirit wanted me to ask her if she had any unforgiveness towards anybody When I got out of my truck she was on the front porch sitting. She asked me if I forgot anything and I said well kind of.
While we were talking I asked her to close her eyes and ask Holy Spirit if she had any un forgiveness and immediately she said yes towards my husband. I looked at her and said did he cheat on you and she said yes. She confessed unforgiveness and without me saying anything prayed a blessing over her husband. I prayed for her healing and I prayed for the healing of her thyroid because I think they’re connected it was a very powerful moment. it was truly a Divine appointment that I almost let it slip through my fingers. I am so glad I chose to go back because she is walking in Freedom now. The cool thing is that I had just had a conversation an hour earlier with my friend from Amarillo and we were talking about praying over people and people getting healed.
I texted her later during the day and asked her how she was doing. She said she has had a great day!
Thank you, Jesus!
Kee Gwyn
Find out what God is doing, run to it as fast as you can and then go further still.

James 1:25 But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.

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