I’m reading in a book called unoffendable. There have been lots of nuggets of Truth in it that have really spoken to me. The Lord has been speaking to me about my anger and how it is increasingly about choice. There was a question poised in the book.

  “If there is such a thing as righteous anger then why isn’t it part of the fruits of the spirit? “
 I’ve been chewing on that one for a while. We’re all going to get angry but it literally is your choice on how long you’re going to stay angry or how you’re going to act through your anger. The quote right here specifically spoke to me this morning

“He wants to know us, and He wants us to know Him. He wants us to want Him. Not ideas or abstractions about Him, but Him. Ultimately, this is a more restful life. Not just because it might mean some quiet, meditative moments— though they’re wonderful— but because when we surrender control, there’s so much less at stake in life for us.”

“But do you know where constant worry comes from? It’s rooted in an arrogance that assumes, I know the way my life has to go, and God’s not getting it right. Real humility means to relax. Real humility means to laugh at yourself. Real humility means to be self-critical.” 3 We hold on to worry because we don’t trust God. We hold on to anger because we don’t trust God. We feel threatened because we’re insecure, and we’re insecure because— surprise!— we don’t trust God.”

When you start practicing it, you realize: choosing to be unoffendable means actually, for real, trusting God.

Phil 4:6 Let no anxiety about anything 1distract you! Rather translate moments into prayerful worship, and soak your requests in gratitude before God! (The word 1merimnao, anxiety, through the idea of distraction, from merits, to divide. Your requests do not surprise God; he knows your thoughts from afar and is acquainted with all your ways; yet he delights in your conversation and childlike trust! Song of Songs 2:14; Mat 6:8) 4:7 And in this place of worship and gratitude you will witness how the peace of God within you echoes the awareness of your oneness in Christ Jesus beyond the reach of any thought that could possibly unsettle you. (uperecho) Just like the 1sentry guard secures a city, watching out in advance for the first signs of any possible threat, your hearts deepest feelings and the tranquility of your thoughts are fully guarded there. (This peace is not measured by external circumstances, it is residing deeply in the innermost parts of your being. We are not talking about a fragile sense of peace that can easily be disturbed; one that we have to fabricate ourselves; this is God’s peace; the peace that God himself enjoys!)

Everything that I’ve read today and over the last few days still circles back to unbelief. If I am walking and believing who God says I am.   Then it’s going to be hard to not trust him with all of life’s circumstances. So, I personally have a way to go.

Jesus, Help me with my unbelief!

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