The dream Forgiveness 103

I had a dream last night and the man in the dream was someone that I despised very much. Back in the 80s I worked for his dad who owned a sprinkler Landscape Company. At that time, I was about 24 (1984) he was the boss’s son 18 yrs. old. When it came to tractor work, he always had to be the one on the equipment even though he had no experience. I would get so angry with him, he would delay the job, he would mess stuff up and we’d have to come behind and fix it.

One day Michael and I were working on a job by ourselves and he just kept talking smack to me. I looked at him and said if you say one more word to me, I’m going to knock you out. He smarted off and I one punched him and laid him out and then quit and walked off the job.

Having said all of that, I have not thought of him in 38 years until my dream where I bumped into him somewhere. I went up to him and I told him that I was very sorry for the way that I treated him. I hugged him and I cried and forgave him right then. He apologized to me and asked me to forgive him and then I woke up. I asked Holy Spirit did I write a belief on my heart that day? He said no what you wrote on your heart happened in the 9th grade. What???

Now I see myself on the school bus with Thomas from the children’s home, who was 17 and I was 14. He accused me of saying things to his sister. I didn’t even know he had a sister, he just made it up. He didn’t like me; he was a bully. He punched me twice in the face. That was the day that I wrote the heart belief that I would never let anybody pick on me ever again. My parents didn’t do anything to help me. They didn’t talk to the school. I remember thinking how worthless I felt and hopeless that my own parents wouldn’t take up for me. So hurt.

I have forgiven Thomas I have forgiven Michael and one more thing that I have forgiven my parents about.

I am a son and I am his. Just saying that statement tears me up.

Philippians 2.3 do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

Touch Of Heaven

2 thoughts on “The dream Forgiveness 103

  1. to me this means to forgive people even if it’s hard and also to ask the lord why you reacted to something the way you did

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    1. That is so good Jeremiah and that is sitting the nail right on the head time somebody says something to you or anytime something happens it upset you you need to ask Holy Spirit why does this bother me so much


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