I remember in 2010, a couple of men that I was co-leading a small group with came to me and said. “We think you are offended.” Well, I have to say that offended me for them to say that to me, haha.

They introduced me to a book called “How to Stop the Pain”

This book set me on a path of literally deconstructing my beliefs or reconstructing . although I didn’t have a lot of religion in me at the time, I did have enough though. For the last 13 years, I’ve been on the reconstruction process, but not until my sabbatical that I took in Colorado in August of 2020 did everything really change.

I had been introduced to the Prayer Journal from Dr Jim Richards earlier but never really read it, and then I grabbed a hold of it on my sabbatical and have never let go. I have also dug deep into the book “Moving Your invisible boundaries” What I have learned about the divisiveness and the pain of the ridiculous doctrines that are out there has been very impactful.

To go from religion to relationship to identity is more powerful than I ever thought.

As I continue to search seek and dig I continue to find more and more truth. I am beginning to reimagine God in a way that I never thought.

I am seeing a God who is nothing but love

I understand my purpose. And that purpose is to love people all people. Regardless of what the world says.

1 John 4.7 Beloved, 1love always includes others, since love springs from God; its source is found in the fellowship of the Father, Spirit and Son. Everyone who encounters love immediately knows that they too are born of the same source! It is not possible to fully participate in love without discovering God. To love is to know God; to know God is to love. (1Agape from agoo, to lead, and pao, to rest – love is where the Sabbath of God is perfectly celebrated.)

To the Table Hardin Prison

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