What is the Gospel? (morning meditation)

What is the Gospel? I just sat there wondering, Why would you ask me that? Honestly, I was kinda dumbfounded. I thought. You asked me a question, and then when I asked you a question back, I dont hear anything. That is typical for me, though.

1 Peter 3:15 (TPT) 15 But give reverent honor in your hearts to the Anointed One and treat him as the holy Master of your lives. And if anyone asks about the hope living within you, always be ready to explain your faith

If someone came up to me and asked me that question, What would I say? Does it depend on the person?

I can honestly say, I dont think I have every had the question asked of me before.

For me the Gospel is about your Identity, freedom and forgiveness and the obvious that God sent Jesus to die for my sin because he loves me that much. When You realize how much God loves you then you can love others.

I am just curious how you would respond to that question?


Simple gospel

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