Can’t lose part 2

When I think about what I wrote yesterday it is more relevant  today.   Whatever unfolds I can’t lose.

I have something that is really weighing on my heart. Grace needs to be given when my flesh says they don’t deserve it. That hurts me that I Would even think like that

It is something that is totally out of my control.  Have you been there before? 

Tuesday is a big day.  Prayers would be appreciated. Grace is my prayer.

I just had this pop in my head in the midst of writing this post. I remember something that I read out of the mirror Bible.

People are not the enemy

Ephesians 6.12 People are not the enemy, (whether they be husbands, wives, children, or parents, slaves, or bosses. They might host hostile, law inspired thought patterns through their unbelief or ignorance but) to target one another is to engage in the wrong combat. We represent the authority of the victory of Christ in the spiritual realm. We are positioned there (in Christ); we 1confront the mind games and 2structures of darkness, religious thought patterns, governing and conditioning human behavior. The Mirror version

(The word, 1pros, face to face; confront. The word, 2poneros, is often translated as evil; this word is described in Thayer’s Lexicon as, full of annoyances, hardships and labor, which is exactly what the DIY law-system of works produce! [See 1 Cor 15:24] The complete conclusion in his work of redemption is celebrated in his yielding the full harvest of his reign to God the Father, having 1brought to naught the law of works which supported every definition of dominion under the fall, including all 2principalities, all 3authority and every 4dynamic influence in society. He brought to naught the law of works, from the word, 1katargeo, from kata, meaning intensity, and argos, meaning labor; thus free from all self effort to attempt to improve what God has already perfected in Christ. All principalities, 2arche, or chief ranks, i.e., kings, governors; this includes any governing system whereby one is ranked above the other on the basis of their performance or preference. All authority, 3exousia, comes from ek, denoting origin and eimi, “I am;” in this case, because of what I can do, I am defined by what I can do better than you; therefore, I have authority over you. Every dynamic influence in society, 4dunamis, means power, in this case, willpower. Every government structure in society will be brought under the dominion of grace where the Christ life rules. The kingdom of God is the dominion of the Christ-life in human life, where righteousness is based on who we are and not on what we do; who we are by God’s doing and not who we are by our own doing; right being and not merely right acting. Where the law of works was duty and guilt driven, the law of faith is love driven; [Rom 3:27, Gal 5:6, 2 Cor 10:12], when they measure themselves by one another, and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.)

Peace be with you.

Can’t lose

Starts and ends Hillsong

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