Can’t lose part 3

Woke up this morning around 3 o’clock could not go back to sleep. Mind is turning and turning about work and about Tuesday.

This morning I’m reading in my prayer organizer and I get to this qoute. “ Unresolved violations toward others have massive destructive consequences in our own heart. The apostle John warns that when we fail to walk in love it violates our conscious, rendering us incapable of receiving from God. This isn’t because God is withholding from us, it happens because of the effect these violations have on our own heart. At a deep level we render ourselves incapable of taking hold of god’s promises and bringing them into our life

Personally I have a Passion about speaking to men and women about the importance of forgiveness. I have dealt with so many opportunities to forgive people throughout my life I am almost an authority on it🤣🤣

John 20.23 says if you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them. If you retain the sins of any, they are retained.

When you or I am offended or hurt Jesus says there are only 2 options on how to respond. You hold onto them or (forgive) send them away.

Forgive in the Greek means to send away it’s that simple. So why is it sometimes so hard? I think the reason it is so hard sometimes to send it away is that we want Justice . We think they don’t deserve our forgiveness. But yet we are forgiven.

Another quote. “The desire to not forgive is rooted in Vengeance, we feel that letting go of our desire to punish gives them a free pass and lets them get by with it!! The irony is the only person that is punished by unforgiveness is me !

I am not going to say I am offended, Maybe more hurt is the key phrase, but let’s just say right now I am on the Teeter totter and I am having a hard time getting off of it.

Prayers are appreciated.

Can’t lose

Can’t lose part 2

I am redeemed by Big Daddy weave

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