I am a sinner saved by grace (not)

I’ve never much cared for that phrase. Religion says you’re still a sinner. Religion says you still have to do things to be accepted by God.

Galatians 2:17 However, if in our quest to discover righteousness by faith in what Christ did for us, we find that it is still possible to stumble; do not now label yourself a sinner yet again! The fact that you sinned does not cancel the cross of Christ and gives you no reason to abandon justification by faith as if Christ is to be blamed for your distraction! That would be absurd! (Now all of a sudden you want to keep the law again to further add to your righteousness as if Christ did not achieve enough. Do not let your experience deceive you to invent a new doctrine.) The Mirror

I take absolute comfort in knowing that I don’t have to ever label myself a sinner again. When I mess up it doesn’t disqualify me. There are promises that He has made. He doesn’t break promises, when I confess to Him, He restores me from all unrighteousness. When I confess to my brother He heals me. The cross is never canceled.

Thank you that I don’t have to be perfect. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

2:19 My co-crucifixion with Christ is valid! I am not making this up in his death I died to the old system of trying to please God with my own good behavior! God Made Me Alive together with Christ. How can any human effort improve on this!

Glorious day

See yourself as God has already called you To be

Righteous. As you ought to be

5 thoughts on “I am a sinner saved by grace (not)

  1. I agree. Carrying the label of a sinner says I identify with my old life. Jesus made me a son who has not yet been perfected, so I now am no longer a slave bound to repeat my sinful nature.
    I’m a son saved by grace, bound to walk in obedience.

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  2. If I am always a sinner saved by grace, I approach God in shame. I am a begger.
    If I weren’t worthy to some degree, Christ would not have done this.

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