The Heart

Do you have a broken or bruised heart? It doesn’t really matter if you know that you do, what matters is this, do you know how to experience healing in your heart?

Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is more deceitful than all else in this desperately sick; who can understand it?

Some people reading the scripture will believe that it means you can never trust your own heart.

However this was before the fulfillment of the promise to write his laws on our heart Romans 2: 12-16

There are two words in Jeremiah 17:9 that give us an insight into how our heart gets so dysfunctional the word deceitful can mean “showing footprints.” The words desperately sick can be better translated as incurably sick

So what is it really saying here?

The heart is covered with footprints, means it has being covered with wounds that have been made it incurably sick.

Your life experiences, whether the pain is inflicted by others or the consequences of your own simple actions, these cover your heart with wounds “footprints”

When you filter Jeremiah 17:9 through the death burial and Resurrection what happens? In Jesus the heart is healed. In the old covenant they didn’t have this resource. So what does that mean today? You have to persuade your heart to believe that Jesus has healed your heart you can’t persuade your brain you must persuade your heart.

The heart is the seat of our identity. When a person has a broken heart their devastated they have no sense of self worth and most likely they don’t have a healthy sense of boundaries. They will seek to control or allow others to control them. Been there have the hat and the T-shirt.

When you have the footprints on your heart that is the filter that you see your life through and not the filter of the death burial and Resurrection.

The word broken in Hebrew means to be shattered or broken to pieces.

So what do you do about this? It’s very clear in Ephesians, put off the old man, put on the new man and renew your mind.

When Jesus heals your broken heart, you have the power to make your own choices when your heart is whole, you can send away those thoughts, hurts, desires, powers, or anything else that seeks to keep you captive you should feel empowered to do so

I think for the most part when you put off the old man, most of the time you are forgiving which means send away. So you send it away you put off the old man put on the new man and renew your mind. Pretty simple process.

2 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. So good to read this email this morning. A wounded heart is such a real thing that many people can’t understand. And it affects so much, literally almost everything a person does. “The heart is the seat of our identity.” Such a simple statement but so profound. Thank you for sharing Sir. I hope all is well! God bless.

    Joshua Reneau Panhandle, TX

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    1. Joshua pardon me for asking have you been on Quest? Is that how you found me did I serve on your quest? I’ve been on over 50 Quest and it’s hard to remember everybody. Your name is very familiar


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