I have struggled with many things throughout my life . I have to say though, being judgmental Is a thorn in my side for sure. We all do it some are worse than others . That is being judgmental in itself.

Matthew 7.2Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

I had a client the other day that was pointing out some mistakes I had made in an estimate. Not a big deal. I went home and I fixed them . I sent the estimate back to them. There were some things said in our last meeting that made made me believe that they were going to hire somebody else. Use my numbers to get somebody else to do the job for less.

And so it began, the negative self talk, the……. The make believe conversations that I was having in my mind with the client. Within one day I decided that they had hired somebody else. I judged them. All of this was made up in my mind. I never spoke to them. I spoke to a couple of my friends about what was going on I was very mad. But yet I still hadn’t spoken to them. I met with him on Tuesday by Wednesday night I was very upset because they were ignoring me. Thursday night I get a text message, “estimate Looks good when do you want to come by and pick up a down payment?”

Talking about feeling like an idiot.. I did this to myself, I worked myself into a frenzy, I decided why my clients were ignoring me Without ever talking to them.

I created my own pain.

What pain have you self inflicted?


4 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. One of the ways it works in my life is like when someone cuts me off in traffic and I get angry about that “thoughtless, careless driver” so keep repeating it for several minutes. Then, all of a sudden realize I’m close to my exit for I move over several lanes and end up cutting someone off. I end up doing the same thing I judged the other person for. It is way too often that the thing we are most critical of in others is the very thing we struggle with ourselves. I think maybe The Lord is trying to tell us something!


  2. Wow, I see and know a mentor and a confident man, but I have to step back and remember the devil gets in to a very small crack,
    Brother thank you for sharing your heart but please know your a great Man and a man of god,, sometimes men never feel we are good enough,
    Keep pressing in brother
    I know I blessed by your strength n Gid
    Love ya

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