God’s rest and seeing Jesus

The name of God is breath

This was the first part of my meditation this morning . Your breath is the name of God there are no vowels. Literally every time you breathe you are speaking the name of God.

Psalm 46.10 Be still and know that I am God

Seeing Jesus meditation

This morning The 2nd part of my meditation was about seeing Jesus. Sitting across the table from him . Visualizing looking into his eyes and listening to what He is saying. This is not always easy.

During my meditation I just felt like I kept hearing you are not at rest.

Hebrews 4.10 God’s rest celebrates his finished work; whoever enters into God’s rest immediately abandons his own efforts to improve what God has already perfected. (The language of the law is “do;” the language of grace is “done.”) 11 Let us therefore be prompt to understand and fully appropriate that rest and not fall again into the same trap that snared Israel in 2unbelief.

I have so much going on It feels very difficult to be at rest. The flip side to that is there’s so much going on I need to be at rest and just trust

Here I am to worship

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