Pride………………………. Need I say more. 

 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Prv 16:18.  I have felt pretty good about not walking in pride until Tuesday.   I was at the landfill unloading my trash trailer.  I was in the process of picking up a 36 x 36 broken window.  When I grabbed it I remember thinking to my self “be carefull you don’t want any of these broken shards of glass to fall and cut yourself in the leg.  Then I hear ask Scotty he is five feet away ask him for help,  NOPE I CAN GET IT ON MY OWN!”  All of that in a span of about five seconds. 

Well a shard of glass fell and cut my leg very badly and I got 16 stiches.   I doctored up my leg and went back to the job site.  While I was driving I hear “once again you thought you could do something on your own and once again you were wrong”  That statement took me right back to my struggle that I often have with porn.  I have found over the years that when I struggle the most is when I try to control the urges on my own instead of listening and turning it over to Him.

The other part of the story is I heard the Lord tell me to ask Scotty for help and I ignored Him

Pride and disobedience not a good combo.  Lord thank you for your forgiveness!  Thank you for your mercy for giving us one more day!

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