When you are verblly attacked

Hebrews 3.14 Who we are in our union with Christ must be taken to its ultimate conclusion. Do not cancel out your confident start, by making a poor finish. (Starting in faith, then going back to the law of works. Again the word, 1metochos, is used, from meta, meaning together with, and echo; to hold; to embrace; we co-echo Christ in our union with him.) The Mirror.

I have a gentleman who is attacking me on one of my jobs.. He is the boyfriend of the client and he is a bully. It is a very difficult situation I still have punch list items that I have to take care of but the job is paid in full. I was told a long time ago You must start strong on your jobs but you have to finish strong as well. I received about 15 text messages from him yesterday before I decided to block him.

It is a love hate relationship when you know you have to rise above the situation.

The client recognizes the problem but doesn’t have it in her to stand up to him.

I will finish the job But I will walk away if he is there and starts assaulting me again

Must rise above


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