Lots going on

We put our house up on the market in 2 weeks. We closed on our property last week. We start dirt work tomorrow septic system going in water well coming up. Concrete, metal building going in. Getting our house ready. Building a fence behind my house. And there is a whole lot more than I’m not even listing. I’m literally sitting here thinking about what kind of order does all this need to go in?

I decided to read my devotion that I haven’t read in a few days. And this is what it said.

Watch for opportunities to deal with things that have been beyond your ability to square away. Divine order is the order of the day as issues that have been a nuisance will be settled. When the burden is lifted you’ll enjoy a sense of freedom and peace.

1 Corinthians 14:40 let all things be done decently and in order

That was a very timely comforting devotion to read.

Divine order is the order of the day. Jehovah Shamma he is always present. You don’t have to invite him to a place where he’s already there.

Trust the process be in his will and not your own.


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