Canaan pt. 1

I had a conversation with someone the other day and it stirred something up in me. I have read a book called Maximized Manhood by Ed Cole. This book really spoke to me about the 5 sins that kept the Israelites out of the land of Canaan. Canaan is where God wanted the Israelites to live after they were delivered out of their bondage. I sometimes wonder about my on Canaan
1 Corinthians 10:9
nor let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed by serpents;NKJV

Page 27 When the crowds demanded that Christ come down from the cross, they tempted Him. Tempting Christ is demanding that God do what is contrary to His will or inconsistent with His character. Today, men still do the same by demanding that God provide some way of salvation other than the Cross. Lying and cheating in business and demanding that God bless and prosper the results is tempting Christ. Men and women pursuing promiscuity, though they know it is wrong; children rejecting the godly counsel of parents; congregations demanding the pastor build the church on social programs rather than the Word of God and prayer; believers wanting to enjoy the benefits of salvation and the pleasures of sin at the same time—all are tempting Christ.
It kept Israel from Canaan.
It keeps men from their Canaan today.
This one has always stuck out for me. My website for my business (this is not an advertisement) Says Honesty, Integrity, and Quality Workmanship this is how I treat my customers and it is how I treat my employees and subs. I have never put money in my pocket to avoid paying the taxes. If someone pays me cash. It goes in to my account. I could be audited by the IRS and everything is legitimate. The flip side to that is I never pay anyone without keeping a record. In other words, I never pay anyone under the table as some do. That is stealing. Seriously! Lord, would you bless my business, then turn around and pay an employee with cash so you don’t have to pay the taxes or get paid cash for a big job and not report it. I love this one, you want the Lord to bless your marriage but, you go home and look at pornography. Lord please bless my finances, but you don’t tithe. I think you get the point. Now before anyone thinks I am throwing stones I struggle in other areas of my life that are keeping me from my Canaan. The positive side is this, I believe the reason I never worry about my business. Even when I have down time is because I trust the Lord in this area of my life and I know He is going to provide. The problem is I need to carry this over into other areas of my life.
What is keeping you from your Canaan?
Lord I pray right now that you reveal yourself to those who are asking you this question right now. In Jesus name.


5 thoughts on “Canaan pt. 1

  1. Kee,

    I am sure you get tons of comments but just reading this almost knocked me out of my chair, as I just watched on on line sermon about why we never make it out of the desert into Canaan, because we choose to stay there, God doesn't give us some kind of death sentence to stay in the wilderness nor did he do that back then until the people chose to do the
    Things that kept them there…I have been so convicted of how I treated the institution of marriage, but through things like what you just wrote and what I heard, I am realizing that the time in the wilderness does not have to continue. The pastor that spoke on the sermon stated the best way to get out of the desert is to go back to what God told you to do (whenever that might have been) and do it, because he doesn't change his mind?

    As you stated you can't ask God to bless things that he is totally against, and as long as you keep tempting him, you will never see the promise land. One other thing that I got is once you choose to do what God says, you can't keep looking back…you have to move forward and let all the mistakes go. I have asked God to send me the right person to marry, when in fact he gave me a decent Christian woman, who was not perfect, and I chose to tempt him by saying, I think you made a mistake Dad, surely you meant to send me someone else who is perfect since I am so perfect…NOT… 40 years is to freaking long to spend in the desert alone…I can't fix yesterday but I can dang sure choose to leave the desert today! Trust me this was a day I needed to let this out… Thank you Kee for sharing what God puts on your heart..

    Sir John


  2. Love it………………..thank you Kee………………Great scripture and reminder how I should be running my life and my business – tithing, taxes and sharing the truth.

    Blessings, JA

    Sir John


  3. Kee,

    Thanks so much for your blog that you send to us. It's very encouraging.

    I wanted to tell you what I named my company (not my dba). I named it Proverbs 22:1 Veterinary Services.

    A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, And loving favor rather than silver and gold. (Proverbs 22:1 ASV)

    I believe that verse completely, and I wanted to stand on The Word for my business, and not just my life.

    Thanks again,
    Sir Derrick


  4. No problem…………….one of the biggest mistakes i made with my business. After my divorce…………i stopped tithing and tried to hang on to my money/savings as a “security blanket”. Well that didn't work! Beacause no one really shared with me how to obedient with my business and how to manage my $$$ in a Godly way. I didn't know how??> It's great to hear and watch other guys lead and run a successful businesses the way God inteneded. Still learning……….

    blessings brother

    Sir John A


  5. From Wilson
    Anything that is tempts Christ keeps us from our Canaan. Anything! I believe we ask for things that are against the will of God, often we treat HIM as a magician. We pray, “Lord heal my sick friend who has cancer”, but what if God wants your friend to have cancer to make that friend closer to Himself in the process. The word says that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. What if that is that persons good a perfect gift.

    This is just a thought, not to say that I have it figured out. Does not everything come from God THROUGH Christ? Is not Christ our advocate? Does the word not say that? I believe it does, at least the version that I read.

    My stance lately is that I am going to let God be God, because I am not. Whatever takes place in my life it is because God put it there, I am going to have to face it, weather I like it or not, it still comes from HIM.



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