Heaven on Earth

This is a quote out of chapter 10 in the book called Heaven on Earth. This quote really sums up a lot about our faith. God’s kind of faith not my kind of faith. I am also going to include the heart work questions that are at the end of this chapter. They are very powerful. Remember the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you are willing to ask yourself

When we create a clear mental picture of the result we desire in our heart, one that is in harmony with the names of God and the finished work of Jesus, and we apply God’s kind of faith, the result will be good. It will be in harmony with the Word of God and that which we saw and declared from the beginning. We do not use our faith to convince God to act; we use our faith to bring our world into harmony with what God has already established in the Lord Jesus.

1. What decisions are you presently trying to make?

2. Identify the result you desire based on the names of God and the resurrection of Jesus.

3. As much as you can, conceptualize that end and how you will experience it.

4. Now, consider the following questions: A. Is the outcome I desire based on the promises of God? B. Am I confident that I am qualified for this because I am in Christ?

5. Ponder, imagine, or meditate on the end you desire. When you see it clearly, operate the faith of God.

See it in your heart.

Speak it into existence.

Do not allow yourself to doubt.

Expect the outcome you have declared.

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