1st Corinthians 4.12 I feel the fatigue from my physical labor. When people insult us we make sure that we speak well of them. We are harassed, but bear with it. 13 Hurtful rumors do the rounds but we find refuge and 1comfort in our true identity. We are reckoned as 2scapegoats, the scum of society. This is what we are faced with on a daily basis.

Needed this reminder today. It seems like every day this week everything is been on point. Almost like getting a warning every morning and then forgetting about it during the middle of the day.

What I’m finding out is that I really need to remember what I read in the morning and what my devotion is during the day. Maybe even take some time during the day and go back over what I read that morning to be reminded of whatever the promise was or the truth was for that day

I have noticed many times by the afternoon I completely forgot what I read or even journaled. I guess you could say going back and going over is a form of meditation


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