Who are you meeting with? re-post from 2013

Lately I have spoken with men who don’t find it important to meet with other men.  The y find other things that are more important than sharpening or being sharpened.  I seem to remember a scripture.  Proverbs 27:17 as iron sharpens iron:  so one man sharpens another.  Are you getting sharpened or are you just too busy.  It has taken me a long time to realize I need men in my life.  Men to sharpen me!

I want to tell you a little story about a little dog that I had in 2006. She was a rat terrier that was very precious to me. When we moved to our house in Saginaw we had a wrought iron fence. The fence had a bad place that would allow my dog to get out. I kept hearing you better fix that fence before your dog gets eaten by coyotes, but I put it off.  One morning when I let her out she didn’t come back and I had to leave. I told my wife to check on Duchess but she had to go to leave and she had not come back yet.   My wife called me around noon and said Duchess has still not come home.  I had a very bad feeling about this. When I was driving home and turned into my neighborhood. There were buzzards flying over my roof. Now I had a really bad feeling. So I went to my house and put on my pants and my boots and went out into the field to search for my dog that I feared was dead.   As I got out there into the field I asked the Lord where’s my dog? I didn’t hear anything and I just stood there and then I heard turn left. So I turned left took about five steps and there was the head of my dog with two buzzards eating  on her.   I was heartbroken and I was pissed.  I just stood there in disbelief at what I was seeing and then I hear the Lord say this, “your procrastination killed your dog” well….. That did not sit well with me in fact it wounded me. That was a direct word from the Lord.   I also heard, “do you still love me” of course I said,” Yes I do.”   So here is what I took from this incident.  My dog Duchess was under my protection in my backyard inside of the fence. That was where she was protected, Surrounded by family, but the moment she stepped out of the backyard,   she became alone all by herself in the vast wilderness of the field behind my house.  She was alone; she had nobody to watch her back.  She could only rely on herself.  She got out of the protection of the backyard and isolated herself.  Then the enemy was able to pick her off and kill her.  There are strength in numbers this was the day that I learned the importance of meeting with men on a regular basis and not isolating myself.  I stopped believing the lie that I am too busy to meet with men on a regular basis.  Meeting with men to get sharpened is as important as anything in my life.

Have a blessed day

So I have questions.   Are you meeting with people that sharpen you on a regular basis or are you isolating yourself.  I am not talking meeting at church or meeting once a month.  

Who are you doing life with?

Maybe do a Zoom Call?

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