Yep, I do it too

Romans 2:1 A presumed knowledge of that which is right or wrong does not qualify you to judge anyone; especially if you do exactly the same stuff you notice other people do wrong. You effectively condemn yourself. No one is another person’s judge. 2 God must judge all transgression, but your judging others does not make them any guiltier. The Mirror Bible.

Well this was a slap in the face this morning. (But a sweet slap) I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten upset over something someone did and then realized that I do the very same thing.

Case in point; when driving I hate it when people haul butt down the highway and then tailgate someone in an effort to make them get out of the way faster. (I always think to myself your so selfish!) Reality is they have no where to go. I have been that person. Not proud of that. Not tailgate that’s to dangerous but I will get close. In my mind im still doing the same thing.

Same thing with cell phones and driving. I have found myself getting angry with people on there phones and them sometimes I do the very same thing. I try to be very strategic when I’m on my phone but I’m still wrong.

You see, the difference is that when I do it……. its my world and your just living in it. This is bad. I know for me I have to do better and I am working on it. This is the selfishness that I often struggle with.

What have you gotten mad about only to realize that the very thing your mad about is the very thing you did to someone else the day before?

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