Who are you being transparent with?

Romans 14:7 no one can live or die in isolation, our life and death touch others. The mirror bible

Proverbs 27:17. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another

I had a little rat terrier that loved sneaking out of my backyard and roam the neighborhood. One day I heard the Lord say fix that hole in your fence or your dog’s going to get out and she’s not going to come back. I chose to disobey and she got out and she didn’t come back. I knew where she was, she was in the field behind my house and I had to go find her. I searched and I searched for what seemed like an eternity. Until I gave up and just asked the Lord where’s my dog! I felt like I was supposed to go left and there she was, her head, her two front paws and two buzzards.

She was safe as long as she stayed in the backyard where she was with family and friends. The moment she got outside that protection and got isolated she got picked off by the enemy.

I share this story because it is an example of what happens when we stop or never meet with other men or women on a regular basis to talk about what’s going in our lives ……. to sharpen each other.

I hear stories all the time where people stop meeting because they think they could do it on their own. They believe the lie that they can fix this problem.

You’re only as sick as your secrets!

If you think you can fix a problem on your own you’re in trouble. You must seek community but it can’t just stop there

You have to be transparent.

It’s not about being accountable.

Hebrews 10:25 In the light of our free access to the Father, let us extend that embrace to one another. Our gatherings are no longer a repetition of tradition but an essential fellowship where we remind one another of our true identity. Let us do so with greater urgency now the day has dawned in our understanding. (The prophetic shadow has been replaced by the light of day.) The Mirror

I love this, let’s meet and remind each other of our true identity!

I leave you with this, who are you meeting with on a regular basis so you can either in encourage or be encouraged?

Who are you being transparent with?

I’m not talking about your significant other either.

There is greatness in you!

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